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School-Based Preschool

The School-Based preschool is located in eight of our elementary schools as well as at the Early Education Center. This program is a free, full-day preschool program offered for children who are 4 on or before July 31st and who qualify through the screening process. Each class has up to 20 students with a certified teacher and an instructional assistant. Our School-Based preschool is five full days each week following the start and end times of each school.

School sites are: Davidson, Chouteau, Early Education Center, Gracemor, Linden West, Maplewood, Oakwood Manor, Rising Hill, and Winnwood.

  • The preschool classroom for Chouteau and Crestview attendance areas is located at Chouteau.
  • The preschool classroom for Davidson, Briarcliff, and West Englewood* attendance areas is located at Davidson.
  • The preschool classroom for Meadowbrook attendance areas is located at the Early Education Center. 
  • The preschool classroom for Gracemor and Topping attendance areas is located at Gracemor.
  • The preschool classroom for Linden West and Gashland attendance areas is located at Linden West.
  • The preschool classroom for Maplewood and Ravenwood attendance areas is located at Maplewood.
  • The preschool classroom for Oakwood Manor, Chapel Hill, and West Englewood* attendance areas is located at Oakwood Manor.
  • The preschool classroom for Rising Hill, Bell Prairie, Fox Hill, Nashua, and Northview attendance areas is located at Rising Hill.
  • The preschool classroom for Winnwood and Lakewood attendance areas is located at Winnwood.

*location is determined by address


Children who live in the above-listed school attendance areas, and who will be four-years-old on or before July 31, may be eligible for North Kansas City Schools Early Childhood Preschool. The program is state and federally funded with the main purpose being to help children most in need. Qualifying children are placed by attendance area to determine the initial class roster for the year. Additional children who qualify are placed on a waitlist to be contacted should there be any vacancies in any of the classrooms in the district (not just the attendance area school).

For questions, please contact the Early Childhood Center at 816-321-5250.